Franglais spam

One disadvantage of a WordPress blog is the amount of comment spam it attracts. Fortunately there’s a good plugin (Akismet) to filter out most of it, but every once in a while it lets one through. Today I got this crazy blend of French and English:

Hiya, j’ai am really happy J’ai located these details. À l’heure actuelle writers post just about Commères et world grande laize et il s’agit de really bothersome. Un excellent internet site avec intriguing articles, it est exactement ce que J’ai want. Merci for retaining cette page site, Je vais être browsing il. Serait you news letters de faire ? Dévers think il is.

Yes, I’m sure tu es really happy tu as located these details. For my part, j’ai am really happy I can mark your comment as spam with a single click.

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