To Hell and back

It was a cold day in Hell yesterday. Not quite to the point that Hell had frozen over, but cold enough that you’d want a good coat and a pair of gloves. At least the sun was shining, so it looked pleasant enough for a visit.

Many misconceptions exist about Hell. You’ve probably heard that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Right? Forget it. The road to Hell actually isn’t paved at all. It’s packed dirt:

Road to Hell

So what about that yellow roadsign? Let’s have a closer look:

Roadsign to Hell

Did you expect anything else? No, didn’t think so.

The inhabitants of Hell, it turns out, are quite a friendly folk. Entering their domain, you’re bidden a warm hot welcome:

Welcome to Hell

And there’s a handy pole with directions from Hell to other places worth visiting:

Directions from Hell

Of course, Hell wouldn’t be complete without a place of worship. It’s just a small chapel, but it’s good enough if you’re looking for some spiritual guidance. Thinking about marrying in Hell? The people of Hell will make it a day you’ll never forget. Use of the chapel comes with a free photo shoot at a scenic location.

Hell's chapel Photo shoot

Finally, the environmentally conscious traveler will be happy to know the people of Hell do their part, too. Friendly signs urge visitors to keep the river clean, so that future generations can continue to enjoy its beauty:

Do not litter in Hell

And all of that just twenty miles northwest of Ann Arbor. Who would’ve thought that Hell was such a nice and accessible place?

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