Flight map

Last week, I happened upon the website OpenFlights.org while looking for something else related to air travel. OpenFlights is, quoting their about page, “a tool that lets you map your flights around the world, search and filter them in all sorts of interesting ways, calculate statistics automatically, and share your flights and trips with friends and the entire world (if you wish).” I’ve entered all of my flights and since I like sharing, here we go:

Flight map

The map shows all the flights I’ve been on since my very first one from Amsterdam to London in July of 2001. The counter currently stands at 85 individual flights, good for a total distance of 174,000 km or 108,000 miles. That’s equivalent to more than four trips around the Earth or about half the distance to the moon.

Standing out on the full-world view are a trio of roundtrips to the US, an observing trip to the VLT in Chile, a holiday in South Africa and Mauritius, and a conference plus holiday in Hong Kong and China. Zooming in on Europe, it’s evident that a lot of my flights were short-haul. The eight roundtrips to Munich (working visits to the MPE in Garching) show up particularly strongly.

Flight map (Europe)

For a scrollable and zoomable version, with access to various statistics, click either of the above maps.

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