View from Hohtälli

Here’s a 270-degree panorama from the Hohtälli mountain (3,273 m) in the Swiss Alps, taken during a hike two days ago. The peak just right of the center is the Matterhorn (4,478 m). Down and to its left, almost dead center in the picture, is the Gornergrat station (3,130 m), the terminus for the rack railway from Zermatt. Located next to the station is a former astronomical observatory housing an infrared and a sub-millimetre telescope.

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Small size

270-degree panorama from the Hohtälli mountain in the Swiss Alps

Medium size

270-degree panorama from the Hohtälli mountain in the Swiss Alps

Large size

270-degree panorama from the Hohtälli mountain in the Swiss Alps

6 thoughts on “View from Hohtälli”

  1. Hello there,

    My name is Jarryd Hood a student from RMIT University. I found your panorama photo from the Hohtälli mountain and think it is amazing, so i was wonder if it would be possible for me to use the image in a mural i have to design for class?

    Regardds Jarryd Hood.

  2. Hello Ruud Visser!

    I am Yessica Delgado a Graphic Designer living in Switzerland. I loved your pictures they are beautiful, that’s why I would like to use the panorama picture with the Matterhorn on the back for a postcard that I have designed for this Christmas. Hopefully this is ok for you?

    Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes,


  3. I would love to use your photo for a backdrop for an international event representing Switzerland in July.


  4. Hi, my name is Alexander Winkler from the ETH Zurich University, and we would like to use your photo for an Event promoting Robots in the Alps. Is that okey with you?

  5. Dear Ruud Visser,
    I love your Photo from the Hohtälli.
    I Have a litte flat in Zermatt, with im renting for people coming for Holidays.
    We finished the renovation and i would love to put a beautyfull picture from the Montains.
    Would it be possibel that i can üut this picture?
    I send you many greatings

  6. Hello,
    I am working at the University of Geneva, I would like to use this amazing panorama in a presentation about Switzerland and innovation at a conference.
    Thank you so much,

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