Collapse paper accepted

The second paper for my thesis just got accepted by the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics today. We submitted it last August and, following the referee report in October, resubmitted a corrected version in November. The referee asked for a few additional corrections just before Christmas. By sacrificing a day or two out of my Christmas and New Year’s break, I managed to get that done pretty quickly and resubmit again. This morning, the A&A editor emailed to relay the referee’s stamp of approval.

This paper deals with gas and ice during the formation of a low-mass star (like our Sun) and the surrounding disk of gas and dust (in which, at a later stage, the planets are formed). We constructed a fairly simple model to simulate the star and disk formation process, which we then used to analyse how carbon monoxide and water change between being a gas and an ice. This is an important point in understanding the chemical composition of the disk, which in turn determines the look and feel of the planets that are formed there. It also helps us understand our own solar system a little bit better.

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