Chemical history of circumstellar disks

It’s taken a while (a long while), but the moment finally arrived this morning that I could submit my second paper. It deals with the chemical history of the material that surrounds young stars. We constructed a model to simulate the formation of a star and its surrounding disk. (At a later stage, that disk is where planets are formed, but we didn’t include that part.) It proved to be quite a challenge to create something that is simple to work with and produces realistic results, but I think we did very well in the end. We used the density and temperature profiles from this model to calculate the gas and ice concentrations of carbon monoxide and water, two molecules of great importance in space.

The paper will now be sent to a referee, who will hopefully send us some constructive and favourable comments. If things move quickly, the paper will appear in Astronomy & Astrophysics towards the end of the year.

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