Breakfast and a first look around town

Shortly after yesterday’s post, the owner of the B&B came in to cook breakfast. I’m the only guest at the moment and it felt a bit weird to have someone come in just to serve me breakfast, but it was a good meal and we had a nice chat. Of course, it was a rather different breakfast than what I’m used to. At home, I typically have two sandwiches and a glass of milk. Yesterday’s breakfast consisted of tea, some fresh fruit, an omelet, crispy bacon, baked potatoes, some tomato and two pieces of toast. Not something to start every day with, but I definitely enjoyed it yesterday.

Steve was teaching until 10:30am, so I had about two hours to myself between breakfast and his picking me up. I grabbed my camera and went for a walk around Granville.

The B&B is called The Porch House, a description applicable to the majority of the houses in Granville. The first house on the left is where the owners live, the other one is for the guests. Both are from the early 1900s and were built in Victorian style.

Most of Granville looks like this: free-standing houses with front porches and lots of green.
Downtown Granville. This is the crossing of the main east-west and north-south streets. A church stands at each corner of the intersection. Granville was originally founded in 1805 by people from Massachusetts, who moved out of New England to have greater freedom in how they practiced their religion.
The two churches at the other side of the intersection.
A memorial for the original settlers of Granville, located in a small park on a hill. The plaque reads, “In grateful remembrance of the members of the Licking Land Company who came from Granville, Massachusetts and founded this town ‘in the wilderness’ November 17, 1805. ‘They builded better than they knew. To God be the glory forever and ever.'”


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  1. Beautiful photos! I’ve never been to Granville, myself. And by the way, not everyone here eats a breakfast that large every day! lol. Maybe on a weekend or special occasion. Usually it’s something fast like cereal or oatmeal and some fruit. Many people actually don’t even take the time to eat a proper breakfast at all, actually.

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