Leiden at night

Leiden has a well-preserved historic city centre, with a maze of narrow streets, lovely canals, and some wonderful old buildings. That makes for nice photo opportunities during the day, but the city looks perhaps even more gorgeous at night, with clear skies and a full moon. I took my camera and tripod to Leiden’s harbour and came across the following sights.

Looking down the street running past the main part of the harbour. Leiden is located at the point where the Old and New Rhine come together before proceeding towards the North Sea. However, neither one is a major branch of the actual Rhine, so Leiden’s harbour has never been used for much more than local transport.

A Dutch type of sailing ship called a tjalk moored in the harbour, with the nearly full moon shining through the rigging. If you click on the image for a larger view, you can also see Saturn above and to the right of the moon.
The Zijlpoort (Zyl Gate), one of the original eight gates into Leiden. Only one other gate besides this one still exists.
My favourite picture of tonight: a beautiful tjalk ship in the Singel canal, which runs all the way around the city centre.
A small canal in a refurbished residential area near the harbour.

More pictures here.

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