Foggy forest

A forest. Fog. Me and my camera.

Feel free to use either picture as your desktop. For other uses, please ask my permission first. (I answer most comments on this post by email, so don’t be alarmed by the large number of seemingly unanswered comments. I get back to everyone who leaves a message.)

Top pic: [640×480], [800×600], [1024×768], [1280×960], [1600×1200], [1920×1440], [2592×1944].

Bottom pic: [640×480], [800×600], [1024×768], [1280×960], [1600×1200], [1920×1440], [2592×1944].

175 thoughts on “Foggy forest”

  1. have created an amazing scene using your first photo as a background for children’s furniture -beleive it or not…..would like to upload onto the website…if I may please. your name and credit will ofcourse be given. would greatly appreciate it if you would grant your permission. please let me know…and Ill forward you a pic of what it looks like if youre interested.

    breathtaking work by the way

  2. Hey, I was wondering if my band could use the foggy forest pics in our EP??? credit would be given ofc but thought it polite to ask permission first :), reply to the given email please :)

  3. Hey I would like to use your top picture for an eco friendly product booklet for my work.. would that be alright? it would be sent out to our sales team and we would probably have a couple in our tradeshow booth as well as in our showroom. I will definitely put your copyright for the photograph on the back of the cover. Let me know. Thanks much!


  4. hi ruud,

    i am an architect. Like many others, i admire the quality of your photos and i would be grateful if you allow me to use your foggy_forest jpg for a 3D rendering background, (i am doing a house inside a forest0.

    Thanks alot!

  5. Both pictures are awesome, but i like the top one best…

    Do you think i could use it for the cover of my band’s e.p. if i give you full credit for it?

    A reply would be great thanks.

  6. sweet pictures of the foggy forests =) i do night orienteering and these ones got me really itching for putting my shoes on and going out tonight :b

  7. Thanks Ruud! Its for my portfolio.. No resale or anything like that.. Once I have it up, I’ll send you a link so you can see what I’ve done with it..! I’ll be using it for a beautiful but dark bridal piece….

    How would you like the credit to appear?

    Thanks a BUNCH!!!


  8. hi i just found your pics. we are putting on a play and i was wondering if i could use your pictures (both) as a back drop projection for a few scenes…

  9. Hi Brandy,

    Thanks for contacting me. I tried to email you, but I got a delivery failure back. Anyway, you’re welcome to use the pictures as requested. Any chance you could take a photo of what it looks like during the play?


  10. Hi,
    I’m wondering if I can use the top foggy forest picture as a retouched in background for editorial use?

    All the bst,

  11. Hi,

    great pictures. I want to use a part of a picture as background for a poster. If you have any problems with it please contact me.


  12. Hey I love both pictures up there. I was wondering if i could make the foggy forrest one into a wall mural for my room?

  13. Hello!
    I just found these awsome pictures, can I (please!) use them for a video in YouTube? I’ve never made a video so far, this would be a good pic to start with and it fits perfectly for the song I wanted to post.
    Thank you.

  14. Hello;

    I am a designer creating a website for an online educational resource. I came across your photograph ‘Foggy Forest’ and was wondering if I could use it as part of a graphic montage
    illustrating the Chaucer tale ‘Sir Gawain and The Lady’.

    The photo will be subtly placed as a background image; not featured prominently. I would be more than happy to credit you on the site if permission is granted.

    Thank you!

  15. Hello,

    I am directing a high school production of THE CRUCIBLE, and I’d like your permission to use one or potentially both images as the background for our posters and programs. We would, of course, credit you on the posters and programs if permission is granted.

    Thank you!

  16. Hi Ruud,

    I would like permission to use the Foggy Forest (bottom photograph) as a background for a research presentation I am putting together.

    Thanks very much.


  17. Hello there,
    Im currently a high school student. Im taking a media class for making short films. Im working on making a logo, for my class, It going to be called shadow creations and I wanted to no If I can use this picture for my logo? Its a beautiful picture and just what I had in mind.
    Thanks for your time,

  18. Hi Ruud,
    Has to be said this picture is amazing! I was wondering if i could possibly use this for as a background to a header. If soo it would be chopped up (trees, chopping) colourised and general photo maniplation.
    If you could get back to me I’d be very grateful.

    Lovely work,


  19. Aww, I’m sad you took these pictures down!! Now I’m really wishing I’d saved the top pic for the background on my desktop. :( Will you be putting these up again any time soon? Or will you be putting them up elsewhere on your website?

  20. @Linda: Sorry, mistake on my part in cleaning up my old university web space. I forgot I was still hosting these pictures from there. They’re back in place now.

  21. Ah cool!! Thanks so much. :) These two pictures are really beautiful, and thanks for sharing your photography online. <3

  22. Hi….I’ve just found out this page on internet and woowwwww. Yuor pictures are fantastic. I would like to use the second one as background in my last non commercial work (I’m a 3D modeler). Ii would be a nice compositing work. Hope to hear from you soon and……congratulations mate!

  23. Hi, nice pictures.
    I would like to use one of them (not sure which one yet, probably the first) as part of a background for a game.
    I’m just a wannabe dev so I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish the game, but I’m asking for permission just in case :)


  24. I am working on a DVD cover for a friend in the Taxidermy business. He is making 25 DVD’s to give out. Wanted to ask your permission to use this awesome shot you took. I will give credit on the dvd label.

  25. Stunning. I am working on a first year digital media project at Australian National University and I want to ask for your permission to use this in the design of a web page. I’m happy to give more details if you would like.

  26. Hello,
    I was wondering if I could use this picture as one of my powerpoint slides?
    It’s for a project for school, and I’m telling a Halloween story, and this is the perfect picture for a foggy forest :)
    Thanks for your time!

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